Henry Aaron's Dream

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Henry Aaron's Dream

The sign on the backstop fence reads Whites Only. These are the 1940's in the United States when black and white ballplayers don't take the same field. So, what does a young African-American boy do when he knows he can play ball and he dreams of being a big leaguer? When Henry was twelve, the city of Mobile, Alabama, opened a ballfield that said Colored Only so Henry started to practice. He watched as Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and made it into the majors. Henry Aaron had a dream. He played hard all through high school and joined a minor league team. There he was facing a white pitcher for the first time. His career was filled with obstacles and threats and hatred but he was determined to do the thing he loved and finally in 1954 he took the field as a full-fledged major league ballplayer. This is a gritty tale of the discrimination that Hank Aaron faced for years as he made his way up through the ranks of baseball. His determination and courage make him a terrific role model for young people. 40 pages Ages 5-10

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