Hattie Ever After


Hattie Ever After is the 2013 sequel to Hattie Big Sky.  If you haven’t read Hattie Big Sky, now is the time to do it before picking up Hattie Ever After.Hattie has left Montana behind and has moved on to San Francisco.  Charlie and her other friends are in Seattle.  The year is 1919.Hattie is older, braver and more resilient than ever.  What she learned in Montana, she has brought with her for her new life in San Francisco.  Hattie is still a writer and she hopes to be a great reporter.  She has to consider questions of career, independence and trust as she interact with people in her new life in San Francisco.  Is it a good sequel?  Yes.  Will you love it as much as Hattie Big Sky?  Maybe.  Is there lots to learn in the new story?  Definitely.Even though 1919 San Francisco is an exciting place with real and fictional characters, ​
I miss the original setting of the first book.  Hattie mostly alone in Montana is now Hattie in the ​midst​ of a modern, busy city.  She’s more mature, as she should be, but I ​sure ​
miss that little 16 year old homesteader! 

Rosemarie Kistenmacher, Retired Educator, Maryland USA

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