Groundhog Weather School

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Groundhog Weather School

This is not your average groundhog book. As our story begins, a bunny is watching the Groundhog Day Forecast on television. Happily the groundhog announces that spring has arrived. But, when the bunny peeks out, he finds snow. So, he picks up his pen and writes a letter to the groundhog asking if perhaps, next year, the groundhog could have more groundhogs to help him. So, the groundhog decides to establish a school. He offers a test and the candidates who check off yes to the questions, head for Groundhog Weather School! Now, this is where it gets interesting because we go to Weather School too. We take on "GeHOGraphy" and we learn about "Famous Furry Hognosticators." There is information on "Nature's Weather Predictors" and on real "Weather Men." Best of all, we learn how to build a burrow. But will the graduates of the Groundhog Weather School be able to get it right? Or will bunny be befuddled yet again? Stay tuned. We'll be right back with Traffic and Weather!

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