Grace for President (This recommendation for students)


There are girls competing in events and doing jobs successfully in almost every area of our lives, but Grace is highly upset to discover that there has never been a “girl” President of the United States! To help teach her class how presidents are elected, Mrs. Barrington, Grace’s teacher, teams up with Mr. Waller’s class to demonstrate just how we do elect presidents in our country. Unfortunately for Grace, she has to run against the highly popular and successful Thomas Cobb. Grace works hard campaigning, giving speeches, creating posters, promising to change Woodrow Wilson Elementary for the better--but so does Thomas. Not only that, there are more boys who will be voting than girls. How do you overcome that problem? Why would any boys vote for her?


In this fun look at girls versus boys politics, you will learn a bit more about electing presidents in our country, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this battle between boys and girls with its surprise ending!

 40 pages 978-1423139997 Ages 6-9

Recommended by:  Kate Stehman, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

Keywords: sexism, equality

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