Good Night, Planet A Toon Book, Level 2

Good Night, Planet  A Toon Book, Level 2

A jewel.  This is an absolute jewel of a book.

Graphic novel, check.  Happy little girl playing outside while dog watches from window, check.  Floppy stuffed rabbit lovey, check.  Author's incredible sense of humor, check.  Giant idea, check.

Opening frames give us one delighted young girl flinging herself and her stuffed rabbit into glorious piles of autumn leaves.  Day ends and girl pushes carrots around on plate, brushes teeth and kisses stuffed rabbit goodnight.  Now the fun begins.

What happens next is a collage of deep friendship, fun, understanding and getting along well with others, making room for everyone to share in the wonders of our planet, courage, believing and some well-placed laugh out loud hilarity.  This book is fun, fun, fun at the same time it's plucking at your soul strings.

You see now it's the dog's and the stuffed rabbit's turn to go out into the world to climb a tree in search of the best cookie in the world.  How does a stuffed rabbit get up to that high limb?  Through ingenuity, perspicacity and the very best friendship.

Brilliant.  This guy, Liniers, reassures every child that the world is a place of wondrous possibilities wrapped in the treasures of caring and fun that every single child deserves and can discover and create.  This is beyond a story of friendship with another.  It's a story of you and what you hold within.  Power, your heart, your delight in life.

Can't find enough good words to say how amazing this is.  Liniers makes the world a better place.  Let's hope he gives us more and more and more.  Awesomeness.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


New York Times Notable Children’s Books of 2017 When you go off to sleep, your toys go out to play! After a long day of jumping in leaves and reading her favorite books, this little girl is wornout, but her favorite stuffed animal, Planet, is just getting started. Planet befriends a dog, gobbles a cookie, and takes a leap into the unknown. This tender, gorgeous tale by the internationally renowned cartoonist Liniers will reveal to early readers the wonders that exist at night, in secret, after they close their eyes.

Liniers's US debut, The Big Wet Balloon, was selected as one of Parents Magazine's top ten, and his follow up, Written and Drawn by Henrietta, was named one of School Library Journal's Best Books of the Year. Liniers is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he now lives in Vermont as the artist-in-residence at the Center for Cartoon Studies with his wife and three young daughters. They have fallen in love with the New England landscape, the house they live in, the night sky, and the family's new puppy, Elliot, all of which figure prominently in this book.

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