Future Flash


Foreboding, suspenseful, and riveting.  

Laney's earliest memory is sitting in a carseat on a front porch in the cold.  That's the day Walt came walking down the road, found the carseat, read the yellow note and welcomed a baby into his home and into his heart.

Since that day Laney has known that Walt has a secret and maybe, just maybe, Walt is afraid that Laney has a secret too.  Neither one ever tiptoes in the direction of secretville.  They have made a life together and they do what they need to do to keep things on an even keel.

But, Laney can't ignore her secret. Today when she forces herself to go to school, there is a new student, a boy named Lyle.  Their P.E. teacher pairs them up to learn square dancing and that's when Laney's secret, her ability to see into the future, flashes wildly in her brain.  Just touching the new boy sets off a vision of a horrifying scene of fire, of a boy, of a black and white cat and of danger that feels overwhelming in its power and its finality.  

Laney's world is about to shift.   Something sinister is growing all around her and the vision of the fire stays with her pulling at her and twisting her sense of hope and of security.  Something is pulling her secret power closer and closer to delivering her to a reality she does not ever want to see or hear.  Where is the danger coming from? When will it strike?  

Laney is a character to admire.  With her clairvoyancy just one more piece to complicate an already complicated life, she fights to hold onto the what is right and good against the power of anger and vengeance and pain.  We walk with her and the feeling that danger is all around us builds page by page.  Imagine the terror.  Imagine the sense that something is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Ages 9-12    208 pages    978-1628738223

Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com

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