Fred and Anthony Escape From the Netherworld

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Fred and Anthony Escape From the Netherworld

Ten-year-olds, Fred and Anthony, whose favorite words are barfbreath and doggie doo, have decided to watch every horror video that begins with the letter A. Unfortunately, they both have a history assignment that's due on Monday. They have to make a replica of the Alamo out of popsicle sticks. (This is a recurring nightmare for these boys having previously made other historical replicas using paper plates, Q-tips and sugar cubes.)

Normally, the boys pay other people to do their hard work. But, right now they're out of money. They hop on their skateboards and surf the sidewalks looking for old people with a plan of making money by helping older people. Beware the powder room, the restroom, and all the other bathrooms: they may lead you to the Netherworld.

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