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  • Franklin Endicott and the Third Key Tales from Deckawoo Drive Volume 6

Franklin Endicott and the Third Key Tales from Deckawoo Drive Volume 6

franklin endicott and the third key tales from deckawoo drive volume six

Anybody been worried lately?  Franklin Endicott has a list a mile long in case you haven't thought of anything to worry about on your own.

Actually, in the past year, I think we've had our own lists of things to worry about.  Franklin worries about the speed of an alligator when it has decide you are dinner. He worries about lions and submarines and of course, leprosy.  He isn't happy about it ..not at all.

Franklin would like to stop worrying but he has no idea how to make that happen.  He tries hiding his notebook of worries under his mattress - that brings him oceans of horrifying nightmares.

What have you tried?  Where have you hidden your worries?

I am delighted to tell you that none other than Kate DiCamillo has been figuring this problem out for all of us.  She has taken note of our notebooks.  She has reckoned with our fears.  She sees. She knows.

Best thing is ...she has some ideas for us...yep, ideas about what to do with our greatest fears.  What a woman!  What a friend to all of us.

We are so lucky that Kate decided at some point to write stories for children.  The child in all of us has someone to turn to and someone to count on.

Humor, insight, understanding, perceptiveness beyond the bounds of normal human capacity, and a love of a good pig, all come together as Franklin Endicott finds his way out of a dark place.... and so can we....  read the book...   you'll see.

112 pages 978-1536201819 Ages 7-10

Keywords: fears, nightmares, worrying, friends, books, the power of a positive attitude, pigs, sisters and brothers, neighbors, helping others, overcoming obstacles, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


The latest tale from Deckawoo Drive—and New York Times best-selling creators Kate DiCamillo and Chris Van Dusen—is a balm for young worrywarts facing the unknown.

Welcome back to Deckawoo Drive for a sixth endearing installment in the companion series to Kate DiCamillo’s New York Times best-selling Mercy Watson books. Frank Endicott is a worrier. He worries about lions, submarines, black holes, leprosy, and armadillos. He lists his worries alphabetically in a notebook and suffers vivid nightmares that even a certain neighborhood pig can’t dispatch.

When he accompanies Eugenia Lincoln on an errand to duplicate a key at her favorite dark and dusty thrift shop, Frank earns fresh cause for alarm. Odd Buddy Lamp, the shop’s proprietor, has sent them home with the original key and its copy. Can Frank come to terms with the mystery without buckling under his mounting dread? With a little help from friends (old and new), hot cocoa, and some classic short stories read aloud, the prognosis is good.--from the publisher

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