Fourth Stall


So, where was I? Oh yeah?  It was Monday and it was lunchtime.  Joe, my strongman, was lining the kids up outside my office in the East Wing boy's bathroom. Only one customer was allowed in my stall,  the fourth stall, at a time. These kids bring me their problems, see?  They need the answer to a test question or maybe some tickets to an R rated movie when they're trying to impress some dame.  You get it, right?  This is how I make my money.

You're listening to Christian, sixth grader,  who is known to the middle school student body as Mac, short for MacGyver.  Mac solves problems for the kids at this school for a small fee assisted by his crew, Vince, Joe, the Kitten, and more.  But on this one day, a kid walks in and he's upset, see? He's really crying.  Turns out he's working for somebody else....somebody we all thought was dead or at least was just a legend.  Now it turns out he's alive and working my territory and his name is Staples.

Staples has been running a betting game right under Mac's nose and Mac needs to make him back off.  That's not going to be as easy as he thought after a one of Staple's bullies catches Mac alone in the boys' bathroom and things turn ugly.

They keep on getting uglier and uglier until Mac doesn't know who he can trust and things look pretty dark.

The suspense, the film noir feeling, the solid friendships, the hilarious character of Vince with his grandmother's jokes, and Tyrell, the best spy going, come together to deliver a combination mystery, detective novel with comic moments.  There's more to this than just antics though as the boys discover layers in each other that count for something.

For those who would love to read a humorous version of The Godfather.

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Part of a series: Fourth Stall II, Fourth Stall III

Ages  9-13   978-0061994975  314 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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