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Atheneum Books for Young Readers July 2014

Lyrical, magical, sweet and perfect, Found Things is a sweet treasure for middle grade readers.When her older brother is in an accident and kicked out of the house, River begins to talk differently. She remembers a house she has never seen before. River doesn't know how to explain it, but she finds a friend in the new girl at the school. River and Meadow Lark are different from other kids--they are usually singled out and snubbed. River sees herself in Meadow Lark and the girls form a fast friendship. Their outings occur around the river nearby. River finds many treasures from the river and makes a collage of all her found things.The girls rescue an injured bird and secretly nurse it back to health in River's room. Meadow Lark begins to stay overnight at River's house--every night. She doesn't seem to have a home or a family. She produces a typewritten letter from her father thanking the family for allowing Meadow Lark to stay with them. Meadow Lark is  magical--she seems like a fairy godmother disguised as a young girl--she arrives in time to grant River's secret wishes and to save River from despair and heartbreak.River begins to dream of the house she sees. She knows that she's been there before but can't conjure up clear images. Her mother forbids her from going near the river saying it's too dangerous.One of the girls is saved from drowning by a shadowy figure. Their bird escapes and flies away, but River follows a trail of feathers and discovers much more than she bargained for. Secrets from her past and her birth are revealed and River holds on to those she loves and keeps their memories forever.Masterful storytelling and the kind of story you can wrap yourself up in on a cold winter night or a starry summer night. This novel has Newberry written all over it! Many states are likely to choose Found Things as one of the best for their reading lists.

240 pages  9781442460874  Ages 9-12Simply charming and the best time I've had reading!

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Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA

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