Fossil Fish Found Alive: Discovering the Coelacanth


Sometimes the detective on the case is actually a scientist.  This is the story of the discovery of a fish long thought to be extinct.  Where was it found?  Who found it?  How did they know to look in that spot?

Using the powerful process of scientific inquiry, scientists back in 1938, teamed with fishermen to search for this elusive species.  Once this distinctive fish appeared in the nets of a South African fisherman, the mystery began.  Would they find more of this "extinct" fish?

This is the story of both how the scientists and fishermen teamed to solve the mystery and what they discovered once the fish was found.  Could they preserve in captivity it long enough to study it?  Would the politics of governments get in their way?

Fascinating tale of a fossil found alive today.

72 pages       978-1575055367      Ages 7-11


Describes the 1938 discovery of the coelacanth, a fish previously believed to be extinct, and subsequent research about it.--from the publisher

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