For Keeps

For Keeps

Paul and Kate fell in love, had sex and Kate got pregnant. She didn't want to have the baby and Paul moved away never to be seen or heard from again. Kate had the baby and now that baby is her teenage daughter, Josie. Mother and daughter are very close and though they are separated in age by sixteen years, they are friends who can tell each other just about everything. That is until Kate gets a boyfriend, Jonathan, and doesn't have that much time for Josie. And until Paul Tucci's parents move back to town followed by Paul himself and then the truth comes out about everything. How does it feel to see her father for the first time? Will her parents find their love again and become a happy ever after family? Josie has some mixed feelings about all of this and about her friend, Liv, who thinks she might be pregnant. Natasha Friend has taken on eating disorders and alcoholism in earlier work and now writes a real girl story that takes a look at the teen pregnancy issue. 268 pages Ages 14 and up.

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FOR KEEPS by Natasha Friend, Trailer by Cindy Schmidt

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