Five, Six, Seven Nate

Five, Six, Seven Nate

This is the sequel to "Better Nate Than Ever." It is more fun, more adventure, and more learning for Nate. I wish this were going to be a series. I totally enjoyed this book.

"Five, Six, Seven, NATE!" picks up shortly after Nate's auditions for E. T. the Musical. As the book opens Libby and Nate are in his bedroom, not really packing Nate's bags for New York. Yes, he is going back to live with his Aunt Heidi. Will New York theater world be all he hopes?

Nate is still a bit awkward, still unique in his approach to life. His photographic memory helps him win acclaim by his theater group but it is who Nate is that wins new friendships. Nate and his best girl Libby both do some maturing and find their friendship has new depth. Nate inspires his Aunt Heidi to reactivate her acting career.

This story stands on it's own, so reading "Better Nate Than Ever" first isn't required. The story is engaging, reads easily, and is a totally fun read.

In this book Nate solidifies his self-identification of being gay. However, this is not a story about being gay, it is about living a dream of being on Broadway in musical theater, about growing up; and about interpersonal relationships.

978-1442446939 304 pages Ages 10-14

Recommended by: Barbara Fiehn, Bowling Green, Kentucky USA

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