First Shot

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Living at the Arsenal is hard on David. If you're last at dinner, you get none...last at class, it's 60 pushups...Add that to the fact that David's father is headmaster, the punishments he receives are double.   David and his father have a rocky relationship, especially after the fact that his mother was murdered a few years ago. The murder weapon is traced back to the Arsenal, where top marksmanship is an honor. One night, David follows his father and sees him bury a rifle, very similar to the gun that killed his mother. And the pandora's box opens wide. With the help of old friends, new friends, and a roommate, David slowly uncovers why his mother was murdered, who killed her, and the reasons why.

Sorrells is a master at YA suspense and mystery. When you think you may know who the killer is, the plot twists and once again you're wondering.  Although the ending was a wrapped up too nicely, the overall effect wasn't impacted by this fast read.
 978-0142414217   Ages 13 and up  280 pages 
Recommended by:  Naomi Bates, Librarian, Texas USA

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