Ferocious Fluffity A Mighty-Bitey Class Pet


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Abrams Books for Young Readers July 2016

Two of the best words in the dictionary:  class pet.  The kids in classroom 2-B are beyond excited when they come to school and discover Fluffity, their new pet.  Everyone wants to be the first to hold her but their teacher, Mr. Drake, says they need to look, not touch.  “She’s too little. It’s too much.”

When Mr. Drake oversleeps one morning, all the good intentions and promises go out the window and Fluffity goes out the cage door.  Good thing?  Nope…. bad thing.

Fluffity is on the rampage.  Turns out she’s a biter.  She’s biting everybody.  Julia?  Check.

Eddie?  Check.  Whitby?  Check. The list goes on and on.  Everyone has chomp marks on an appendage or two.  

When our hero, Mr. Drake arrives on the scene, the kids try to warn him. “Look out!”  But, it’s too late.  The Fluffster has her heart set on a little leg of Drake.  

Hilarious, rambunctious read aloud that will delight classrooms by the thousands as they imagine those teeth sinking in and wonder if anyone will be able to save the day.   Anyone can make a mistake and just maybe they’ll do better with the new class pet…..     

Henry Cole's illustrations keep things rollicking along with a sense of comic relief.  He also adds a multicultural dimension to the story that gives it extra punch.  

Great read aloud!

 32 pages  978-1419721823  Ages 5-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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