Fern and Horn


One amazing day Fern has a great idea.  She is going to spend her day drawing fantastic things.  "Can I draw with you?" asks her twin brother, Horn.  Fern answers, "Of course. Do you want to borrow my favorite crayon?"  "I want to borrow all your crayons, " says Horn."

Yes, the brother-sister battle has begun. A glorious day is about to unfold with one very patient, perceptive twin sister unfurling her own gorgeously rich imagination and one wily, crafty and equally imaginative twin brother matching her stride for stride in the most extraordinary way.

Each child shines with creativity but the most delightful and magnetic quality of this book is the playful, actually gleeful, battle that is underway.  This is an ode to childhood,  to the creativity that waits in children and to brothers and sisters and their battles eternal.

Hilarious, diverse, charming and a lovely bit of bait for every child's imagination.  Tremendous read aloud potential.  A book every elementary art teacher should have on the shelf.

40 pages                                978-1773062266                         Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Fern and Horn are twins who look like two peas in a pod or two stars in the sky. But Fern and Horn have different ways of seeing the world. They try to outdo each other with imagination and improvisation, using crayons and pencils, ripped-up paper and cardboard boxes.

Fern loves to draw flowers and butterflies, birds and bees, caterpillars and orange trees. She draws here, there and everywhere. Horn wants to draw too, but he thinks his flowers look like purple pancakes and his caterpillars like striped socks.

“Draw whatever you want!” Fern tells him.

Horn draws an enormous elephant that tramples all over her pictures.

Fortunately, Fern’s imagination is as big as the universe. She loves gazing at the stars and making star shapes. Again, Horn tries to follow suit, but he is frustrated with his creations and makes a ferocious paper polar bear that devours Fern’s stars.

Undeterred, Fern decides to build a castle that can withstand elephants and polar bears, but a fire-breathing dragon comes along. Luckily, Fern knows exactly what dragons like best …

Illustrations full of vibrant color, collage and exquisite detail complement this story that looks at the endless imagination and creative energy of young children. Marie-Louise Gay suggests that if children are given the time and space to explore the many paths to creativity, the results are brilliant and inspiring.---from the publisher


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