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  • Fablehaven, Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fablehaven, Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fablehaven, Book 4:  Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Last summer Seth and Kendra Sorenson were dropped into a magical new world called Fablehaven. They discovered that their grandparents were actually caretakers to this magical preserve. Over the last two summers they have fought witches, demons, and other dark creatures. They have met fairies, golems, a magical cow, nipsies, brownies, and dragons. Kendra has begun volunteering after school at a day care several days a week. When she is asked for her input on an activity, she has no idea she is falling for a trap that will result in her staged death. She is kidnapped and taken by an evil Lectoblix until the Sphinx can be notified. The Sorenson’s make the burial arrangements and say their goodbyes never knowing the truth. Seth returns to Fablehaven alone to spend the winter vacation on their most dangerous adventure yet. Plans for the next mission begin right away. The Knights of the Dawn are trying to get their hands on the remaining artifacts before the Sphinx can use them to open Zzyxx. Kendra escapes from her captor with help from an anonymous benefactor and races to the safety of Fablehaven. The truth of Kendra's disappearance is revealed and Kendra and a small team journey to a dragon sanctuary where one of the keys is said to be hidden. Dragon sanctuaries are even more dangerous than Fablehaven. If the team can even make it to the dragon sanctuary through the massive distractor spells it will be a miracle, but they must find their way to the temple through dragons, peryton, basilisks, griffins, and even a hydra. The mission doesn’t have a high success rate, but the unusual gift Kendra possesses might be the magical ingredient that will turn the tide. 526 pages

Contributed by Jessica Sowder, Librarian




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