The Evil Princess and the Brave Knight


For every parent tired of telling their kids to PLEASE JUST GET ALONG, this hilarious and imaginative new picture book--from the beloved creators of Babymouse--is here to help. Sort of.

Meet the Evil Princess and the Brave Knight. She casts terrible spells, while he fights dragons. He rescues cats in distress, while she makes mischief. No wonder there isn't much peace in this kingdom! But is the Evil Princess really so evil? And is the Brave Knight truly as chivalrous as he seems? Children and parents will laugh at seeing familiar family dynamics play out in this charming and imaginative new story.--from the publisher

40  pages             978-1524771348             Ages 4-8

Keywords: humor; princess; knight; family; siblings; fun; brother; sister; imagination; getting along, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


Once upon a time there was an evil princess, a brave knight and a manky cat and they all lived together in a grand castle and that's where the battle begins. Actually, that's where a whole lot of battles begin. You see, the evil princess knows exactly how to torment the brave knight - she even has books on the subject.

Fortunately, there is a Magic Mirror in the castle and on this one day, the Magic Mirror sends the Evil Princess and the Brave Knight to their respective rooms to think it all over. You know, really, the whole evil princess thing does not work when you have no one to torture. The whole brave knight thing kind of loses some steam when it's just you doing it all.

Hmmmm....could there possibly be a successful solution to this centuries old dilemma?

Hilarious, familiar and guaranteed to get brothers and sister in touch with their own inner evil princesses and brave knights...or even the other way around.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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