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  • Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 1: Dealing With Dragons

Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 1: Dealing With Dragons

Enchanted Forest Chronicles  Book 1:  Dealing With Dragons

Okay, you know how usually a brave and handsome prince rescues the princess from the dragon? Well, in this tale, the princess moves in with the dragon, and when the prince shows up at the cave, the princess introduces herself and suggests the prince get his helmet checked, so his hearing might improve. A wonderful, feisty heroine and lots of humor and fun! Other books in this series include Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons and Talking with Dragons.

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I read this book a really long time ago, loved it, and promptly lost track of it. Six years later I just now found it again, and while it's shorter than I remember, it's definitely still an enjoyable read. Maybe not as deep as I would like, but all in all a fun take on fairy tales (I've been on a retellings kick lately) that is sarcastic and funny, but doesn't veer into "feels like modern day" land. I could totally see this alternate version of life back then, and Cimorene's adventure as a princess who ups and leaves her kingdom, volunteering as housekeeper for a dragon instead, is one of my favorite books from when I was younger. This is a charming book that truly does not lack anything that important, and which is completely appropriate for young children (though older ones will enjoy it just as much). I enjoyed the entire series, and can't wait to read all the books again.
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