Elevator Man, The

Elevator Man, The

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Eerdman's July 2009

Nathan's idea of superman is the elevator man who works in his building. Written for the days when elevator men ruled the roost with gates that closed and buttons to push, this is an old-fashioned look at life in the city and the heroes of the young. Then, one day a sign appears. The elevator is out of order until it can be modernized. Weeks pass. No Nathan. No elevator. At long last the sign is gone. But where is the elevator man? Nathan misses the Elevator Man with his maroon uniform and "the cap with a shiny bill." On his way out the door of his building, he stops. There in a wonderful new uniform is the Doorman and he's the Elevator Man. Elevator Man's dream has come true and magically, he tells Nathan that now HE can be elevator man. Things have changed but sometimes change can be wonderful! 36 pages

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