Ed and Ted and Ted's Dog Fred

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Square Fish/Macmillan 2014
Language Arts Curriculum

“You may  find yourself living in a shotgun shack”--  Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”A zillion  years ago, when I learned to read, this is what I was requiredto read: “Find  Janet, Tip.  Find Janet.  Janet is not here.  Come Janet.Come home.  Come with me.  No.  No Tip.  Go home.  Go home Tip.”Today  things are really looking up for newbie readers!“They hit  the water and sank like lead.  Poor  Ed and Ted and Ted’s dog,Fred!  They were almost dead...when they were swallowed by a whale calledNed.  ‘Bother!’ said Ed,  ‘Bother!’ said Ted.  ‘Woof!” said Fred as theybobbed around  in the belly of Ned.  But the whale  called Ned--who wasoverfed--blew Ed and Ted and Fred out of the hole on the top  of his head.”ED AND  TED AND TED’S DOG FRED is filled with textual action andillustrative  hijinx  and words that end with  “ed.”  It’s really funny anddifficult to read aloud with a straight face. For children learning to extractmeaning from written symbols, there are exciting payoffs in this book about twoguys and a dog who cohabitate in a shack and who occasionally go plummetingover  cliffs and saving themselves with a handkerchief  parachute.

32 pages  978-1-250-04448-8   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Richie  Partington, MLIS, California USA

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