Dreamland, Riley Bloom Series, Book Three

Dreamland, Riley Bloom Series, Book Three

After dying in a car wreck Riley finds herself in place called Here, where the time is always Now. Finding out that the Afterlife is not just a time of leisure, she is given the job of Soul Catcher and her teacher is a boy named Bodhi. Her job is to help lost souls find their way across the bridge toward the next step of their afterlife.

Riley has helped many souls cross over who have been in the Afterlife for a long time. Now she is ready for a break and wants to contact her sister Ever back on Earth by entering her dreams.

She goes to the place where dreams can happen and ends up meeting the director who tells her that you can enter dreams two ways. You can be a Dream Jumper or you can be a Dream Weaver. However, Dream Weaving was outlawed years ago but, seeing it as her only option, she sets out to find the deserted studio where they used to happen.

While there she meets a ghost boy who loves to create and send nightmares to people. To be able to get to her sister, she will have to confront him and overcome some of own fears.

Recommended by, Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA

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