Dream Street

dream street tricia elam walker

Open the book and walk onto Dream Street where children are growing and thriving and dreaming on a street teeming with neighbors who listen to dreams, remember dreams, cherish dreams, invite dreams, nurture dreams.  It’s a celebration of dreams of the past, the dreams that are part of a heritage and it’s a celebration of the dreams of now and it’s a celebration of dreams to come.

Take a walk down Dream Street. From one front stoop to a garden to the inside of a home each person belongs.  The young neighbors are dreaming their dreams of what could come and when they ask if their dreams are possible, the answer is a loving, wondrous YES!  Yusef never leaves his house without his crown and the dreams of his ancestors who never gave up.  The older neighbors are treasuring the dreams of their past and the dreams of their now.  Mr. Sidney dresses to the nines everyday and savors his dream of never having to wear the uniform of a mail carrier again.  His message to all who pass by his spot, “Don’t wait to have a great day.  Create one!”

Dream by dream and neighbor by neighbor this vibrant street and its community is alive and thriving with dreams and possibilities.  Every one has a story.  Every one has a dream.  Every one of us can take our time and make our way day by day in the direction of what makes us thrill to wake each morning.

And of course, the illustrations of Ekua Holmes are celebrations of the dreams and celebrations of the people who had the courage to dream.  There is a richness, a dignity, a joy that comes from each one.  Elegance with color and light.  You can feel her dreams and her hopes for every child coming through the pages.

A great book to pair with I Am the Subway to help children see how possibilities and dreams wait in all of us and there is so much to connect us to each other as we make our way along Dream Street or through the subway stops in Seoul, South Korea.

32 pages                      978-0525581109                   Ages 4-8

Keywords:  dreams, hope, being yourself, believing in yourself, self esteem, finding yourself, diversity, diverse books, self image, self reliance, Character Building Curriculum, empowerment, encouragement, community, neighborhood, belonging, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, African American author, Black Lives Matter

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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Caldecott Honor, three time Coretta Scott King Award winner, and New York Times bestselling illustrator and her author cousin pay gorgeous homage to the street they grew up on and the loving community that made their childhood special.

Welcome to Dream Street--the best street in the world! It's where love between generations rules, everyone is special, and the warmth of a neighborhood shines. Here is the perfect book for parents to use to introduce children to the importance of community.

Meet kids like Azaria, who loves to jump double-Dutch one leg at a time; Zion, whose dream is to become a librarian; and cousins Ede and Tari, who dream of creating a picture book together one day. Meet grown-ups like Mr. Sidney, a retired mail carrier who greets everyone with the words, "Don't wait to have a great day. Create one!" and Ms. Sarah, whose voice is only a whisper but who has stories between the lines of her face that she'll share when you come close.

Illuminating this vivid cast of characters are vibrant illustrations that make this neighborhood--based on Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston where Holmes and Walker grew up--truly sing.--from the publisher

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