Draco's Fire: Dragon Speaker Trilogy, Book Three

Draco's Fire: Dragon Speaker Trilogy, Book Three

This is the final book in the Dragon Speaker trilogy.In the previous books, Jacob and his friend Orson learn that the last female dragon’s egg is being held by the tyrant Lord Manning and his evil wizard Kain. Jacob, who has the ability to mindspeak with birds and dragons, is the chosen one of prophecy who must rescue the dragons from extinction and restore just rule to the kingdom.With the help of Orson and an elf named Lia, the group successfully steals the egg, preside over the birth of the dragon Draco, and steal a magical stone from Kain.They learn that the stone has a second, dark part and that their success depends on finding the second part and uniting the two halves when a comet returns to the skies.Now, in the final book, Draco is full grown, the comet is due to return, and Draco, Jacob, Orson, and Lia, must face the final confrontation with Lord Manning and Kain.They search for the stone, face betrayal and capture, and finally triumph over their challenges.

This fantasy series, featuring teen-age heroes and high-level action, should appeal to all those students who love fantasy, but struggle with the reading process.In the wake of the Harry Potter phenomenon, many fantasy novels, even those aimed at younger children, are expanding into several hundred page epics that are intimidating to a struggling reader.These slimmer books will be a perfect offering for those students who love a good sword and sorcery read, but are put off by other oversized offerings.The simplified plots and sparse background development are largely overshadowed by the non-stop action, and the characters, though minimally developed, are likeable and believable.Offer these to your students who are carrying Harry Potter or Eragon around as prop books, and they should be able to achieve some true reading success. Ages 8-Adult

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director

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