Down Girl and Sit: Smarter Than Squirrels

Down Girl and Sit:  Smarter Than Squirrels

Down Girl and Sit are two dogs who live next door to each other and are saving the world from all sorts of horrible calamities. They save the world from the birds, the squirrels, cats, and even from birdseed. Thank goodness they are out there protecting Rruff from these evils. There is only one thing these two heroes fear and that is the little girl who smells like roses. Beware! This is hilarious from start to finish. Guard your doughnuts.

Meet Down Girl and Sit. They are two dogs who live next door to each other, and they have a very important job: to keep the world safe from birds, squirrels, the paper boy, and other dangerous things. And, of course, Down Girl knows she must wake her master an hour before the alarm clock rings and frightens him.

But a bigger peril awaits: " was time for our morning walk. We met Sit and her master. After a few blocks, we ran into our good friend Hush. Hush told us the big news. Something horrible had moved onto our street. It was bigger than a squirrel and twice as ugly. Its name was Here Kitty Kitty."

Readers will love the antics of these two lovable and well-meaning pooches as Down Girl eats everything in the yard that birds and squirrels like (even food her master leaves for them) so they will stay away, and the friends search for their people when they ride their bikes away and forget them--stopping for a little
messy fun along the way. Lucy Nolan's witty descriptions of Down Girl's and Sit's adventures are made all the more entertaining by Mike Reed's expressive, comical illustrations. This is the first of a winning series. 64 pages. Ages 7-9

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian

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