Dog Tags: Strays Book 2



Helicopters have dropped the platoon into the jungle and flown away.  The only sounds now are jungle sounds.

Chuck and his dog, Ajax and the soldiers in their platoon stretch out in a single file.  Suddenly, Ajax freezes.  His hair goes up on his back.  That can only mean thing... enemy soldiers are close.

How many lives can one do save?  Will anyone be willing to save him?

One of a series of books about dogs who serve with the U.S. military forces, this is the story of Ajax who gives his unquestioned loyalty to his partner, Chuck.  As they team up on missions in the jungle battles in Vietnam, Ajax earns the respect of the men around him.  When the U.S. forces are ready to pull out of Vietnam, it looks like the service dogs, including Ajax, will be left behind or perhaps even euthanized.

Chuck cannot leave his dog behind ... not after all Ajax has done for him and his fellow soldiers.  But the regulations say differently.

The fighting in Vietnam comes alive through the teamwork of Chuck and Ajax.  Full of heart and courage.

210 pages             978-0545477055         Ages 10 and up

Other titles in the series: Semper Fido, #1; Prisoners of War, #3; Divided We Fall #4


"Man's best friend goes to war.

Chuck and Ajax are partners, and they're good at their job. Chuck leads Ajax through the jungles of Vietnam, and Ajax sniffs out hidden, deadly traps before they can hurt US soldiers.

The war is almost over now, and the Army is grateful for Chuck's service. They want to give him a medal. But their plans for Ajax are less noble.

Suddenly, Chuck is forced to answer two impossible questions: Is his loyalty to Ajax or to the US Army? And just how far is he willing to go to protect his partner?

DOG TAGS is a series of stand-alone books, each exploring the bond between soldier and dog in times of war."--from the publisher

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