Dodger For Sale

Dodger For Sale
Willie Ryan and Dodger find themselves in another outlandish predicament in Dodger For Sale. In this adventure, Willie and Dodger are fighting to save the Field of Dreams!
Why save the WOODS? Well first off it is Dodger’s home, second Wilie’s dad has requested that Willie go on a heroic quest to make the world a better place and last but not least Elizabeth and the 5th grade Student Council think Willie should help do something to help the environment.
Oh, did I forget to mention that these WOODS are Enchanted, where everything is BLUE and nearly ANYTHING can happen and DOES!
Did you say magical forest creatures? Leprechauns, genies, Dr. Rodger Chimpstone, large- mouthed blue frog, green-bellied forest eels, and the Great Lasorda!
Will the magical creatures help Willie save the forest? Will Willie find his missing sister? Will Willie and his arch rival James Beeks become friends? All of these questions will be answered in
Willie and Dodger’s last adventure.
Recommended by Alicia Romans, Information Specialist Georgia

The third book in the Dodger and Me series is determined to be as zany as the first two. Having already helped Willie with baseball and running for student council, the tables are turned when it falls to Willie to save the Field of Dreams from being sold. An interesting mix of real tips for taking on an environmental project (think local, stress why it is important to the town, and try to find a solution that helps everyone) and the fantastic (invisible apes, leprechauns abducting Willie’s sister, invisible apes being tuned into frogs); this is a series that is bound to delight young readers who like their books with a healthy dose of silly.

If you like this then try: Dodger and Me and Dodger for President, by Jordan Sonnenblick; Be a perfect person in just three days by Stephan Manes; and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger.

Recommended by Lori Shriver, Librarian, Georgia

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