Divided We Fall


Danny Wright joined the Idaho National Guard to follow in his late father’sfootsteps by serving his country, and to get access to the training andeducation he would need to keep his father’s auto repair shop running.Balancing Guard training and finishing high school is tricky, but he’sfinished with his training for the summer and ready for a senior year fullof football, friends, and time with his girlfriend, JoBell.But everything changes the night Danny’s unit is called up to help suppressriots in Boise. When a rock thrown by a rioter causes his gun to misfire,chaos ensues. Twelve are dead when the dust clears, and Danny is living ina nightmare he can’t wake up from.The Boise shootings rapidly become the center of a national controversy.When both the governor and the President are giving Danny conflictingorders, what will he choose?Trent Reedy takes what could easily have been a book full of cliches andmakes it into a gripping page-turner. The characters are realistic, notone-dimensional representations of liberals or conservatives. Anyone whohas noticed the political situation in the past few years will readilyrecognize that the premise of this book is a definite possibility. DividedWe Fall is not a far-future dystopian story; it is a chilling look at anear future we could be facing if our political system continues in itscurrent direction.This book will appeal to fans of stories about the military, as well asfans of dystopian literature.Highly recommended for grades 9 and up–swearing, underage drinking,violence, and off-camera sex.

978-0545543675   384 pages   Ages 14 and upMore reviews available on my blog: http://sunktreasure.wordpress.com/Recommended by:  Sarah Loch, MS, Library Media Specialist, Oklahoma USA

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