Dimwood Forest Chronicles, Book 1: Ragweed

Dimwood Forest Chronicles, Book 1:  Ragweed

The Dimwood Forest Chronicles series truly begins with Poppy the tale of a little mouse who has a big challenge in front of her. The mouse community needs more room and Poppy is going to venture forth to find out if they can live safely and happily in a new community under the protection of an owl.

This book is a prequel to Poppy and involves the adventures of a self-reliant young mouse named Ragweed. "Ma, a mouse has to do what a mouse has to do," Ragweed tells his mother as he leaves home to set forth into the world. Was it something we did or something we said wonders his mother. But, no. It's the call of the great big world. Ragweed sets out and heads to the big city which he has heard is where a mouse can have all the action and adventure he would ever care to have. Now waiting in that city is a cat named Silversides who has been watching her community crumble and go to wrack and ruin. She is especially irritated by the mice who are moving in and she is a leader in FEAR, Felines Enraged About Rodents. The stage is set for Ragweed's great adventures. Friendship as always provides the comforting glue that keeps a hero company as he conquers misunderstanding, fears and foes. 206 pages Ages 8-11

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