Deltora Quest #2: Lake of Tears

Deltora Quest #2:  Lake of Tears

This is a series that I love to recommend to younger readers who are drawn to fantasy but really aren't ready to tackle some of the thicker, more involved books. If your reader has ventured into the Secrets of Droon series and enjoyed those, then this is a great next step. Welcome to the Land of Deltora! It's good versus evil as the Shadow Lord stands poised to envelope this wondrous land. Does Lief have what it takes within himself to withstand this danger? Can he save the land of Deltora? Other books in this series include The Lake of Tears, Book 2; City of Rats, Book 3; The Shifting Sands, Book 4; Dread Mountain, Book 5; The Maze of the Beast, Book 6; The Valley of the Lost, Book 7; and Return to Del, Book 8. Note: I would definitely read these in order!

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