Death Run

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Death Run

Chase scenes? International intrigue? Teenage spies? John Chance is a British spy and he has taken his twin teenagers on vacation to Mont Parnasse. They're watching him closely but not closely enough to see him slip out the window of his room to appear in the casino below where he jams the security cameras and generally plays havoc with the security. All of this is to set up his kidnapping of The Banker, a Swiss fellow who knows half the passwords for the accounts owned by The Tiger, a financier for global terrorism. When The Banker disappears and is given a new identity by British Intelligence, the Chance family thinks they may have some down time coming. But, just by chance (sorry, couldn't resist it), The Banker appears as a teacher in the school where the twins are now enrolled and The Tiger's henchmen descend on the place with weapons and an all bets are off approach to getting what they want. It's non-stop action and resourcefulness on the part of the twins. If you're an Alex Rider fan, this is written just for you. This is Book 2.

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