Dead City


Kirkus Reviews describes Dead City  as "a fast-paced read for those who like their zombies with just a little fright."Finally...a new take on the zombie story and suitable for much younger readers. .James Ponti breaths new life (pun intended) into the genre with ease and style.Molly Bigelow is an honor student at MIST, the Metropolitan Institute of Science and Technology.When she is attacked by a zombie in a subway station, Stephanie saves her. Stephanie explains that Molly must come with her and listen to her carefully.Molly has been chosen to join a team of elite zombie hunters named the Omegas. New York City has a large zombie population and the Omegas help keep them under control.Their team consists of upper classmen Stephanie who volunteers at the city morgue with Molly. Molly actually loves the morgue; it's where her late mother used to work and Molly has fond memories of spending time there. Other team members are Alex and Grayson. The three older students convince Molly that zombies are the real deal, and that her training begins immediately. Level 1 zombies look and act almost human, and generally do not cause much trouble. It's the Level 2 and Level 3 zombies that make things messy. Over 100 years ago, a subway tunnel caved in trapping 13 miners. These men became the original zombies, but  today, there is an entire city thriving in the old subway tunnels. The Omega team travels to Dead City for Molly's Omega training. She must be able to pass as one of the undead for thirty minutes.Molly continues training and steps up her sword skills. She is taught to spot "indicators," a symbol that tells Omegas where there is a safe house or another Omega who can help. The codes/puzzles are clever and readers will love trying to figure out the puzzles with Molly.When Molly makes a big mistake and enters Dead City alone, she puts the entire team in danger and risks everyone's lives. Not only that, she makes a powerful enemy and jeopardizes her future. The bang on! ending will leave you breathless. (No, don't you dare read the last page first! You'll ruin it for yourself! )Readers will love Molly's spunkiness and personality. The city of  New York is beautifully brought to life by Ponti with little known historical facts; Ponti has done his  research and it's brilliantly conveyed in this homage to NYC.Highly, highly recommended for all zombie fans. This is gentle enough for much younger readers grade 5-up.

Ages 10-14   978-1442441309   300 pagesDead City: Blue Moon (book 2) is also available now.Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA
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