Cycle of Rice Cycle of Life (Vanishing Culture Series)

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Cycle of Rice Cycle of Life (Vanishing Culture Series)

On the gorgeous tropical island of Bali, surrounded by salty ocean water, rice is the crop that has sustained the people for thousands of years and rain water is the magical, spiritual source of the goodness that comes from the heavens to nurture crops and people. A temple to the Goddess of Water stands on the highest mountain top and lesser temples dot the hillsides marching their way down to the valleys. Joining together at the temples to give thanks for the rain, members of the community are aware of the shared need for water. Society, spirituality and sustainable farming are all intertwined on this island of Indonesia. Using photographs this book educates us about the cycle of rice and the connections between all the levels of life in this very unique communal island. It's gorgeous, exotic and inspiring. 48 pages Ages 8-13

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