Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

From Cirocco Dunlap (This Book Will Not Be Fun) and Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner Greg Pizzoli (The Watermelon Seed) comes a charming, giggly read-aloud that illustrates the particular art of making a friend!

Crunch is a lovely and quiet brontosaurus who has hidden himself in some shubbery and is rather shy. He would like to play, but it will require some gentle coaxing from you! If you are patient and encouraging, you will find yourself with a new friend!

This picture book is a warm, funny example of how to engage with someone new, who is perhaps a bit different from you. Lessons in friend-making (such as minding personal space and demonstrating interest in another's hobbies) are delivered so subtly that children will absorb them unconsciously as they delight in Crunch's silly hat and dance moves!

Cirocco Dunlap (This Book Will Not Be Fun) and Greg Pizzoli (The Watermelon Seed) enchant and surprise us with their first collaboration.--from the publisher

40 pages   978-0399550560    Ages 3-7


Now a board book edition is also available:  978-0525707646

Maybe, just maybe, you have one of those young'uns who isn't interested in the story... at all.  That young listener-to-be is a tell me the name of the thing in the picture sort of listener and that's about it.  You're reaching desperation.  Fearing you are failing this child in the world of literature and literacy and language arts skills.

Help is on the way- the wonderful folks at Random House Studio have taken a fabulous picture book (2018) and re-created it for YOU and your mission to have fun with your child while reading a book.  It's a board book so it will survive any unexpected journeys across the room or deeply sunk teeth marks.  But there's more...there's a dinosaur for one...and for two.... you have to talk to it ...yes YOU as in you and your child need to talk to the dinosaur.  When you do - all fun breaks loose.  He hides.  He is scared.  You have scared him. Can you get him to come back out?'s a giggler folks.  The dinosaur may be your friend for life.

Give it a whirl - and better yet, sit down on the couch and read it yourself to yourself.  Then, leave it there.  Just let it sit there on that couch waiting to be discovered.  Some 3 footers need to find it and decide for themselves and then they might just come into the kitchen to find you and hand it up saying "Read this one!"

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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