Crown of Earth: The Shield, Sword and Crown Trilogy, Book Three

Crown of Earth: The Shield, Sword and Crown Trilogy, Book Three

Just when the land of Deorthas seems protected, enemies of young King Edoran capture his best friend and demand the royal Shield and Sword in exchange. Courtiers want to sacrifice Weasel to get back the symbols of rightful kingship, but Edoran doesn’t believe that the kidnappers will honor the exchange. So he slips out of the castle by night, intent on rescuing his friend.



Luckily, Arisa follows him, helping Edoran travel toward the exchange point (and bringing the Shield and Sword with her!). Unluckily, others are following their trail, intent on getting the reward for returning the King to the castle… or making sure that he never returns at all.



By the sea, Edoran hides as a servant fleeing city life, needing to learn the fisherfolks’ skills to become free. The work is hard, but such a wonderful change from the intrigues and demands of being King. But his enemies are moving toward the village, as are the coastal pirates, and the future of Deorthas rests on every decision that he makes. And just where is the Crown which must join the Shield and Sword to complete the prophecy?



This far-traveling conclusion to The Shield, Sword, and Crown trilogy sheds new light on events witnessed in The Shield of Stars and The Sword of Waters, so be sure to read them before embarking on Edoran’s quest for the Crown. (260 pages in paperback)


- Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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