Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story

Crazy Like a Fox:  A Simile Story

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Holiday House, April 2008

What is a simile? The book opens with an explanation of similes and how often you'll see the words "like" or "as" used to introduce them. But, some similes are used so often they have become cliches and no one wants to speak or write in cliches. So, it's important to know a cliche when you see one. Hence, our friend Rufus who is "sleeping like a log" is about to wake up feeling "fresh as a daisy." He's actually a fox who is doing his job and his first task is going to be racing off to the barnyard where he will "Roar like a lion" at Babette, the sheep, causing her to "shake like a leaf." On each page other animals offer their own similes to the readers. "Wow says the crow to Babette, "You can fly like a bird!" She answers "My heart is beating like a drum." I don't think there will be any questions left about what a simile is or isn't after you read this one aloud and it all turns out happily in the end -it's like a piece of cake. (sorry)

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