Crazy Concoctions


The last time you made some FAKE  puke how did it go?  DId people really think you had hurled or ralphed ...blew chunks?How about the rumor that once upon a time a kid ate a whole package of Pop Rocks candy then drank a can of soda and his stomach exploded?  Could this really happen?Now let's try to use Pop Rocks to inflate a balloon.

Here's a carefully selected collection of guaranteed to make a mess experiments YOU can do at home.  Chapters range from Slime and Goo, Totally Gross, that's Gas-tastic!, Crazy Colors, Incredible and Edible and all the way to ... Create Your Own Concoctions.

Why not spend the day grossing someone out... scientifically?  Think what you will learn!  Think what they will learn!

Recommended by:  Barb,

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