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Hyperion Book, 2012

Maddie and Julie's lives would never have intersected if there was never a war. But wars bring people together, and together this is their story.... Maddie has longed to become something grander that a girl selling and repairing motorbikes in England in the 1940s and her dream begins to become reality when she meets her first woman pilot. And it's this small relational ripple effect that changes her job as a woman wireless operator to a full-fledged civilian pilot in the RAF, fighting for England. Julie is blond, beautiful and regal. People call her Queenie for a reason, and it's because of the confidence she exudes and the way she holds herself. Working in the same place as Maddie, her skills are called upon when she helps the RAF take in a Luftwaffe pilot, using her proficiency in German. But one night will change airplane crash into Nazi-riddled France. This is a book of a story within a story....two tales told and seen from two different perspectives of the same situation. And it's this style of writing that makes this novel a standout in young adult literature. Sectioned into two parts (one for each main character), that author reveals their deep abiding friendship together and apart through flashbacks in diary/transcription style. But even more interesting, is that this book is told by the same person in both first and third person, but is done purposefully to support the narrative.

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ISBN: 9781405258210  352 pages. Ages 14 and up.

Recommended by: Naomi Bates, Librarian, Texas U.S.A

Editor's Note:  IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by Erik Larson is a non-fiction title that pairs well with this book...suggested by Naomi Bates.

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