Clueless McGee Gets Famous Book Three


Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone wanted your autograph?  If you were so famous and special and amazing that they were standing in lines waiting just to see you and maybe touch your hat?  Clueless McGee is ready for stardom.

Clueless McGee, or P.J. as he is better known, lives in a world of his own filled with his amazing deeds, discoveries, brilliance and most importantly, a magnificent ten gallon hat which was a gift from his dad.

P.J.'s dad is away on a secret mission so P.J. writes him letters and it is through these letters that we have the eye in the sky ability to read over P.J.'s shoulder and understand how he sees the world and how he sees himself in it.

Each day at school seems to bring new mystery.  Someone steals P.J.'s amazing hat and this sets him on the trail of the criminal who clearly lurks in the hallways of his school.  Then, there is the note from Nasty Ned and P.J. and friends go in search of clues to discover Ned's identity.  

Other than Nasty Ned, P.J.'s enemies also include the three girls named Taylor, a girl named Sarah who becomes his "partner in crime" much to his distaste and above all, a famous country singer named Junior McFidddle and a song called "Love Ponies." 

This is a kid who in his own eyes is always successful and triumphant and certainly able to see things and understand things that the three Taylor girls would never notice.  

If Amelia Bedelia ever marries P.J., the world is in big trouble.  Neither one of them can see clearly what is going on around them.  But that makes for a hilarious adventure in which you watch Clueless McGee stumble his way in the direction of celebrity and stardom.  This kid wants to be famous.  He just might get there!

For educators:  This story contains several references to the issue of using internet sources for your research.  There are some hilarious conclusions drawn from erroneous sources.  There is also a "dig" about dvds from the library being scratched.

This book has the stick drawings that some readers really enjoy in a chapter book.

275 pages   Ages  7-10    978-0399257513


Recommended by:  Barb

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