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  • Chronicles of Prydain, Book 4: Taran Wanderer

Chronicles of Prydain, Book 4: Taran Wanderer

Chronicles of Prydain, Book 4:  Taran Wanderer

“Manhood is not given, but earned,” are the words uttered by Taran at the end of this tale. The Prydain Chronicles are some of the best fantasy ever written for young readers. What makes it top-notch, must read stuff? The story revolves around a boy, who is an assistant pig-keeper, who goes in search of answers about life. He is a wise young lad, who seeks himself and struggles with the same kinds of choices we all struggle with in our own lives. His is a world of magic and kings, but, it’s also a world of wondering who he is and where he comes from. In Taran Wanderer, Taran goes out into the world to find out who his parents were/are. He really wants to know who he is, and there’s a young lady he’d like to share his life with, once he has a sense of himself and what he has to offer. Humor keeps the characters and the story very down to earth. All five books are fabulous: Book of Three, The Black Cauldron, The Castle of Llyr, Taran Wanderer and The High King.

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