Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy

Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy

Narnia, the land of talking animals and magic, is neighbor to many other lands and oftentimes those lands find themselves in need of Aslan's and our help. In this adventure, follow Shasta and Bree into many of those lands, even stopping to meet the royal family of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy along the way.

Throughout Shasta's entire lifetime, he believed he was the son of a poor Calormene fisherman, but when he turned his eyes to the north, he couldn't help but feel drawn to the unknown. On one fateful evening, Shasta meets Bree, a talking horse of Narnia who has been taken slave by a ruthless Tarkaan lord, and together the two decide to runaway with only hopes of a better life in the north in Narnia. Together they discover friends like themselves, help save Archenland from a donkey of an enemy, and Shasta even discovers his true family and who his loving father really is.

Submitted by M. R.R.

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Probably the least of all the Narnia books, but still a great read!
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