Children Make Terrible Pets

Children Make Terrible Pets

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Little Brown and Company, September 2010

One of the most dreaded words a parent can hear is a three letter word...P E T! Yes, can we get a dog, snake, lizard, cat, bird, name it. The question elicits a universal groan. So, here is a wonderful book you can read to your pet-wanter to have a little fun with the question and perhaps plant a seed of thought. One day a bear named Lucy is practicing her twirls in the forest when she sees a little creature spying on her from behind a bush. He is the cutest little thing she has EVER seen. When she tries to talk to him, what she gets in reply is a squeak. She scoops him up, names him Squeaker, and races home to ask her parents THE QUESTION: "See isn't he the cutest. Can I keep him, please?" (At least she said please.) "Lucille Beatrice Bear," says her mother. "Don't you know children make terrible pets?" But you know right now how this ends and yes Lucy keeps the child and takes him everywhere and has a wonderful time with him except when it comes to potty training or taking him places. He seems to cause a bit of trouble with the food throwing and the jumping on the furniture. Then, one day, Squeaker goes missing. (Think Beethoven's Fifth here) Lots of fun and a great lesson learned...well, until the elephant comes along:) 40 pages Ages 4-8

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