Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Chasing Lincoln's Killer

On the evening of April 14th, John Wilkes Booth was in the perfect position to carry out his plan.He knew every line of the play being presented at Ford’s Theater.He knew exactly when the laughter of the audience might cover the explosion of a 44 Deringer pistol.His rage at the President had reached its maximum level.How could this man change the country that Booth knew and loved?How could Lincoln even consider giving the vote to the Blacks who had fought in the Civil War?Line by line the play unfolded and Booth came closer and closer to the moment and then the black powder charge exploded, the gun fired and Booth leaped on to the stage. "Sic Semper Tyrannis. The South is avenged," he shouted to the audience, the last lines he would ever utter on stage. And then to himself, "I have done it." Now, the chase is on.


Chasing Lincoln’s Killer tells of the 12 days after Lincoln’s assassination that were spent chasing his killer John Wilkes Booth. Devoted to the south Booth’s original plan was to kidnap Lincoln and hold him hostage but that plan did not work out so he started planning a way to assassinate him.

With the help of co-conspirators he was able to elude capture for 12 days before he was finally taken and killed.

Reproductions of newspapers, documents, photographs and artifacts in a sepia- tone help the reader to visualize and become a part of the story.

This is a great book to learn more about history and the time around the assassination of Lincoln. It has many facts that would aide in research but does not include a bibliography, index or notes section.

There is an epilogue that tells us the fates of the conspirators. 194 pages
Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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