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Chasing George Washington : Kennedy Center Presents Capital Kids

Chasing George Washington :  Kennedy Center Presents Capital Kids

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Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Sept 2009
Part of a Series

Dee, Jose and Annie have all been selected to for a special tour of the White House called the "Children of Today." These kids have worked hard at their schools and now they're here and they're listening to Ms. Letters tell them all the rules. No cell phone, no food, no gum, no,no no. Jose's family has a car wash and Annie's family emigrated from Poland. Dee's family has a great house with four bathrooms and she's an only child but they start getting a weird feeling as they follow Ms. Letters into one grandly furnished room after another. There are lots of antiques and special dishes but you can't touch anything and the kids are really starting to feel that the White House is a special club and they aren't members. They just don't belong here. By accident, Jose knocks a famous and valuable picture of George Washington off the wall. When the kids try to put it back up, they notice that George is no longer in the frame. Instead he's standing right there with them and he's ready to party. What follows is a visit with famous presidents and their families. Kids really did live in the White House and they weren't that different from the Children of Today. In fact, the kids watch the presidents make some difficult decisions and when it's time to leave, they have a whole new feeling about the White House.

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