Cat Has a Plan (Ready to Read)

cat has a plan

Cat has a plan. Dog has a plan. May the best plan win in this Ready-to-Go! Ready-to-Read from Laura Gehl, author of the popular One Big Pair of Underwear!

Perfect for kids at the beginning of their reading journeys, Cat Has a Plan was written for children who have learned the alphabet and are ready to start reading! And what better way to get kids excited than with a hilarious story with words they can read on their own?

Each Ready-to-Go! Ready-to-Read includes a note to parents explaining what their child can expect, a guide at the beginning for readers to become familiar with the words they will encounter in the story, and reading comprehension questions at the end. Each Ready-to-Go! story contains about 100 words and features sight words, rhyming words, and repetition to help children reinforce their new reading skills.---from the publisher

32 pages                                                          978-1534454118                              Ages 3-7

Keywords:  cat, dog, rhyme, fun, humor, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old


Cat Has a Plan is a hilarious romp with three comic characters: Cat, Dog and Mouse. Beginning readers meet the three on page one and learn about words and word families that will appear in the story; for example "ad" which appears in the words: glad, sad and mad. Sight words like a, an, can and has are also on the page before the story. Questions at the end of the story help readers discuss. the story and new words. With a story this fun, young readers will thrive and learn to read while being entertained!
Cat has a plan to scare dog. Dog gets mad and formulates his own plan which makes cat mad. Mouse is glad when both of them are mad. When the two realize they can make a plan together and "play" together everyone is happy. Illustrations of the "evil" (smart) cat and adorable, but unsuspecting, dog will captivate beginning readers. This book is on a number BEST lists for 2020. Don't miss this book!
Highly, highly recommended. The format of sight words, word families, new words, cute story, and questions at the end motivate readers to try the next book. Happy learning and happy readers!
Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Blogger, Author, Florida USA
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