Cars Galore

Cars Galore

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Candlewick, 2011

Got a car lover in the family? One of the younger variety who thinks that things that go are what it's all about. Well, that young Jeff Gordon is in for a real treat here. Written in four line rhyme the fun begins with some Seussical vehicles hitting the black line road in every direction. We have cars with longhorns and cars that are beds. We have cars with full orchestras and cars that are red. (totally could not resist that)Turtle cars and skyscraper cars and jazz cars and cars on hooks and they are all happily racing on the curving, swerving roads. All the accoutrements of driving are sprinkled throughout giving the eagle eyed readers wonderful things to find as they cruise along. There's even a road so windy it will make you sick to your stomach! But get to the end and you'll find something to really think about! This is action-packed and illustrated by Bob Staake whose Look! A Book! offers endless opportunity to find objects in the colorful spreads. He delivers a hilarious, imaginative, and highly entertaining world of highways here. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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