Carl's Snowy Afternoon

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Carl's Snowy Afternoon

Mom and Dad are leaving the baby with a new babysitter and with Carl, of course. Will the babysitter do a good job? She tells the baby to go have a snack and then settles down in front of the television. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or in this case, in the bedroom, Carl is helping the baby into hat, coat and boots and they sneak out the dog door and head off for a romp in the snow. They sled and slide and grab a hot dog from the stand. Baby rides Carl's back and the two have a great time. They hurry back and dive through a window unobserved just in time for Carl to carefully put the wet clothes in the hamper and the two to look angelic when the parents return. "Tomorrow you can go out and play in the snow," says Mom. Baby and Carl can't wait! This is just about a completely wordless picture book. (If this is by chance your first Carl book, Carl is a Rottweiler!)

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