Captain Small Pig

Captain Small Pig

Once upon a time Old Goat, Turkey and Small Pig went for a row in a little red boat. Now normally turkeys and goats aren't at home in boats but off they row anyway. Turkey objecting and Old Goat willing to try out the possibilities. Small Pig decides to fish for whales despite the fact that Turkey assures him there are no whales to be found in Blue Lake.

Hope springs eternal and with a can-do attitude toward adventure and life in general, the three friends have a whale of a day. Things take a turn for the worse when Small Pig decides to row. He is a one oar kind of rower which tends to lead one in a bit of a circle and tends to tire one out. "Small Pig was...sort of...steering the boat." That is until he fell asleep.

This is a story of great friendship and risk and keeping an open mind to the joy of life. How lovely to share moments with someone who believes in your ideas and to end your day cradled in the arms of someone who cares.

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