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  • Canterwood Crest, Book 12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest, Book 12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest, Book 12: Unfriendly Competition

Sasha Silver continues her journey of boarding school drama and competitive horsemanship in book #12 of the Canterbrook Crest series. Sasha and her BFFs Brittany, Alison and “frenemy” Heather -- apparently in a previous book there were some serious middle-school conflicts-- are preparing for the Huntington Classic as members of the Youth Equestrian National Team (YENT). In the very first chapter, the girls are whisked into the headmistress’s office. Someone is blogging about the school and its students, spreading rumors and lies as only 7th and 8th grade girls can do. It could be anyone -- including Sasha’s former BFFs Paige and Callie. Or Julia, who is a friend and roommate but didn’t make the YENT.

The IP address for the blog has been traced to the girls’ dorm, and unless someone comes forward within two weeks‘ time, they will all be (OMG!) expelled.

Armed with designer clothes, Blackberry Messaging, the perfect teen boy crush, and fav lip gloss flavors from Lip Smackers, Sasha and her BFF/ teammates try to figure out who is behind the nasty blog and plan a birthday party for Heather.

Meanwhile, their trainer Mr. Connor has a frightening riding accident the week before the competition, which unnerves the whole team. Then Lauren, a new student and excellent rider from Sasha’s old school, shows up. Competition, perhaps?

Working through these conflicts and dramas teaches Sasha the value of loyalty and teamwork. Horse lovers and fans of the series will enjoy this book. Ages 9-13.

Note: The jacket synopsis is not a true picture of the story. The arrival of Lauren is not the focus of the book, as she shows up in the last 30 pages.

Recommended for fans of the series grades 5-9. Girls who have read and enjoyed the earlier books are likely to read this one. No sex. No language.

Recommended by Leslie Rush, Teacher, Texas

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Awesome book! this book is one of the best of the series. Sasha has wins, loses,advantages,disadvantages,bad,good etc... you should read this book if you also like horses. Read it to find out more! - Rachel, Oregon, USA
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