Byrd and Igloo: A Polar Adventure


When Igloo left the land of the midnight sun, it wasn’t the end of his life as an explorer.  It was just the beginning. In fact, he would soon discover that his life was full of all kinds of discoveries.

From the moment he is rescued from the rainy streets of Washington, D.C., the small fox terrier that would become Igloo, faithful companion of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, knew how to survive. When Igloo is finally introduced to Byrd, the two have an instant bond and are seldom willingly apart. Igloo accompanies Byrd on his trip to the Norway, where Byrd will be practicing for his historic flight over the North Pole. From the North Pole, Byrd plans an expedition to the South Pole to be the first to fly over that pole. On every trip, Igloo is by his master’s side. This is a side of the famous explorer that will interest many young people, particularly those who love dogs.

178 pages with source notes and index

178 pages      Ages   8-12    978-0545562768

Recommended by:  Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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